The photos on this site are taken by  Jo Bird and Bob Riach

Our images are frequently used by the National Media to include; BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky News, The Times, Hull Daily Mail and several other regional newspapers and publications.

The Amateur Photographer, Coach Magazine, BBC Wildlife,Wild Planet, The Peoples Daily China which is the largest Chinese Newspaper Group.Also, Motor Cycle News have incorporated our images within their publications.

We have worked with Agencies providing our services to B&Q, Wilkinsons Stores, The Food Warehouse, Iceland Stores, Barclays, Asda, Wincanton  and many more

We work with several Press Agencies to provide photography and video to the National Media

We also supply images to private clients, to be used in their, social media and websites.

Our canvas prints are becoming, increasingly, popular for brightening offices, and reception walls. 

We have produced photographs for businesses, namely; Solicitors, Doctors, Estate Agents, Home Offices, Builders, Restaurants, Guest Houses and Hotels.

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About Jo Bird

My passion is nature photography.

When I'm taking photographs  I have to trust that my eye is keen and that my senses are aware. 

I need to be organised, alert and sensitive to the different behaviours of various wildlife and species of birds.

My mind needs to be sharp, focused and yet relaxed enough to enjoy for example, the essential elements of a food pass, a mating ritual, the nurturing,  gentleness of a mother with her young or the impeccable flight path of a hunting Raptor. 

These moments drive a passion in me that I naturally want to share.

I also  enjoy taking photographs  of Landscapes,  Flora and Fauna,  Architecture and Cityscapes, where I 

am fascinated with colours, shapes, textures and elements of lighting.


See the feature in the Beekeepers Quarterly


About Bob Riach


I purchased my first camera 8 years ago. I immediately became absorbed in creating images.

The enjoyment and reward I gain from this are immeasurable.

I turned professional in 2015

My Images portray a personal vision, covering numerous subjects such as landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, wildlife  and much more both in colour and monochrome. 

I love night time photography and am always amazed at what the camera  can capture in low light conditions.

I travel worldwide taking photographs. 

I have always imagined a photograph to be like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to find the various pieces that fit together to create something visually pleasing. 


We take pride in capturing a variety of images ranging from; 

  • Landscapes
  • Wildlife
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Sunset and Sunrises 
  • Night Photography 
  • Macro Photography
  • Street Photography  

You are able to purchase photographs from this site;

Prints, canvases, photo books, frames and many other print formats are available

The  photographs  are updated on a regular basis

This website was launched 20th February 2015

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We had an amazing time in Gambia in March and November 2018

Whilst  visiting this fascinating country we employed  the services of three local, wild life guides.All three guides were extremely professional and took us to see a huge variety of different birds and wildlife.We particularly enjoyed our time spent with the local,guide,Lamin camera who went over and beyond expectations.

During our November visit we spent five days with Lamin  Camara staying at various Ecolodges and other African accommodations. We have since helped Lamin Camara  by  sponsoring him and creating a website thus  enabling him to attract more business. The website is live and we are still updating it, see


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