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13  Kingfisher Fishing  © Bob Riach12  Kingfisher Fishing  © Bob Riach11  Kingfisher Dive © Bob Riach10  Kingfisher Dive © Bob Riach9 Kingfishers © Bob Riach8 Kingfishers © Bob Riach7 Kingfishers © Bob Riach6 Kingfisher Feeding on a Fish © Bob Riach5 Kingfisher Feeding on a Fish © Bob Riach1 Kingfisher © Bob Riach3 Kingfisher Dive © Bob Riach2 Kingfisher Lunch © Bob Riach4 Kingfishers © Bob RiachKingfisher 2 © Bob RiachKingfisher12kingfisher over the waterkingfisher flight 5kingfisher flight 1kingfisher 2 flightkingfisher with fish taken by Jo Bird