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DSC02070-Lady Bird © Bob RiachDSC02070-Lady Bird  Lrg © Bob RiachDSC02089-Bug © Bob RiachDSC02058 Dragonfly © Bob RiachDSC02048-Spider © Bob RiachDSC02090 Spider © Bob RiachDSC02063-Bee © Bob RiachDSC02140 Bee © Bob RiachDSC02170-Bee © Bob RiachDSC02198-Hoverfly © Bob RiachDSC02182-Bee © Bob Riach.DSC01707 TigerDSC01623 TigerDSC01699 Tiger TreeDSC00336 Monkey with BabyDSC00329 Monkey with BabyDSC00319 Mkonkey With Baby_DSC6465 Tiger with Kill_DSC6923 TigerDSC00347 Mother and Baby