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_DSC8439 Gannet © Bob Riach_DSC8439 Gannet 2v© Bob Riach_DSC7908 Gannet © Bob Riach_DSC8044 Gannets © Bob Riach_DSC7858 Gannet © Bob Riach_DSC8321 Gannet © Bob Riach_DSC8405 Gannet © Bob Riach_DSC8451 Gannet © Bob Riach_DSC8496 Gannet © Bob Riach_DSC8321 Gannet in Flight © Bob Riach_DSC8451 Gannet 2 © Bob Riach_DSC7705 Grebe with Fish © Bob Riach_DSC7604 Grebe With Fish © Bob Riach_DSC7723 Grebe with Fish_DSC6909 Rydal Water © Bob Riach_DSC6869 The Bridge © Bob Riach_DSC6879 Rydal Water © Bob Riach_DSC6891 Rydal Water © Bob Riach_DSC6858 Follow the Road © Bob Riachjpg_DSC6905 Rydal Water © Bob Riach